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DIY Fixes

Air Conditioner Not Working?

Here's what to do.

  • Is the thermostat set to the “cool” mode or setting?

  • Have you changed your thermostats batteries recently?

  • Is the thermostat temperature setting turned down lower than the room temperature?

  • Is the power switch next to or connected to the furnace or air handler turned on? (It looks like a light switch)

  • Are the furnace, air handler and air conditioner breakers turned on in the power panel?

  • Is the furnace or air handler air filter clean?

  • Are all of the furnace or air handler doors and panels on securely?

  • Are all of your grilles and registers open and unobstructed?

  • Is the thermostat set for 70°F or above? Air conditioning systems are not normally designed to cool below 70°F without freezing up. (See below)


Is there frost anywhere on the pipes going to and from the inside unit to the outside unit?

If so, your system has frozen up.

Follow these steps to thaw your system:

  • At the thermostat, turn the system mode switch to the “off” position and turn the fan mode switch to the “on” position

  • Let the fan run for 2 to 4 hours.

  • While the system is thawing, double check all of the items from the checklist above.

  • After the system has thawed, return your thermostat to its normal settings. (above 70°F) If the system freezes up again, schedule a service call. That's as easy as calling